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2008 Legacy SPEC B FACT. NAV A-Pillar removal, boost gauge install


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Here is a mini tutorial for all you guys with the FACTORY NAVIGATION who want to add gauges to your legacy spec b. CUBBY PODS DONT WORK FOR US !!! :):(


This is my install of a Autometer Boost gauge into my 2008 Subaru Legacy Spec B with Factory Navigation. As there is no solution to mounting gauges on the a pillar, this is a basic guide on what you can do and where you can run all the gear if you have factory NAV. Ive done some searching and cant find any current hosted pics for people who dont know where to run what, or dont know what they can do.


The factory a-pillar doesn't spring away from the frame of the car when the Side curtain airbag deploys.


Thanks to mccorry for this video (2nd link is best)



For people wanting to order a new a-pillar to modify for custom mounting, the part number on the back of the pillar is "94030AG09A0R" for the LH Side. This is what is one the bar code.



Now first off you want to remove the a-pillar. You should be able to put pull it away from the window seal, at the very top near the roof you should see a metal clip. Stick a pair of long needle nose pliers in there and squeeze the clip, it should pop right out. Alternatively you can use a big flat head screwdriver.




another shot of the clip



here is a shot with the pillar off, you can see the SCA and that it really wont affect the pillar.





the actual mount for the clip, the pillar has quite a bit of give, i was really pulling on it and it would bend quite a bit, dont be afraid




another shot of the side curtain airbag




a shot of the bottom of the a-pillar





now once the pillar is removed you will see a nice channel all the way to the drivers foot well, get into the foot well (where your feet go) and remove the plastic cover that gives way to all the wonderful wires and gadgets under the dash. Make sure you unscrew the 2 screws that hold the obd2 port onto this plastic or you'll rip it right off.


What I did was shine a light from the footwell and looked in from the top, you can clearly see right down to the bottom. Its almost as if subaru wanted me to put stuff in there :) You can fish a wire or something down there and feed any wires/boost lines you want without taking apart the dash. Happy day for me :) because my car only has 1,300kms on it and taking apart the dash is something i just didnt want to do yet.


you can pretty much follow that black cable down to the footwell, very simple.




next you can feed your boost line or wires down through that hole, and across the drivers foot well (note the singular flex hose in black zip tied)




next fish a line across the from the drivers side to the passenger side, again you need to remove a plastic cover where the passengers feet go, its a pretty straight shot over to the passenger side. You can see the white boost line, I haven't covered it with the flex hose yet.




next, take a coat hanger and knife and cut a small (VERY SMALL) slit in the main grommet on the passenger side in the engine bay. then fish the coat hanger almost straight down into the footwell. Have someone feeling up behind the blower fan on the passenger side, once you feel the coat hanger pull it down into the footwell and tape or attach the boost line or wires to it and yank it up into the engine bay.





now you can see in the blue markings, the boost line (which i covered with a rubber tube) running from the grommet to the drivers side of the engine bay





next, to connect a boost gauge, remove the nice BOXER ENGINE shroud, and locate the factory BPV (bypass valve) or BOV (blow off valve), this is the black puck looking thing, its right above the red circle, the blue line shows where the boost line ran over to the passenger side, the red circle shows where you splice into the single line running to the BPV, you can clearly see the "T" fitting allowing the boost gauge to get its pressure line.






here is a more closeup shot





now for mounting the gauge, I chose to temporarily pop the defrost vent out, and get a universal Circle mount, and just zip tie it to the vent. This will tide me over until I can fiberglass my tri-gauge pod into the flimsy A-Pillar.



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here is a shot of where the wires run





another shot of the gauge mounted








gauge from outside car




boost gauge and steering wheel







vac upclose



boosting down the highway




yeah i know lots of pics :)



and some videos








im editing this on my gf's dads computer, which sucks, so sorry if the formatting isnt that great.



I just had to get this info up, cause man I wish I had this info when I did all this as this was my first gauge install :)









ps. thanks to sebastian hawk (high-nrg or nrg) on prariescooby.com and other suby forums for all your help !!!!!!!

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;1886577']Those are special to Subaru Canada spec.B's. I suppose you could order them from any Canadian dealer.


Must be an 08 thing because my mats simply say "Legacy".

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nah the 2007 spec b had them too, im the only local 2008 specb, and there are only two 2007 specb's around, i know both of those guys, they have specb floor mats too


That sucks. I got Legacy mats.

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nah the 2007 spec b had them too, im the only local 2008 specb, and there are only two 2007 specb's around, i know both of those guys, they have specb floor mats too
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