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just getting around to modding the lgt. i need a new air filter (36k on stock) and would like to buy an AVO, do i need to do anything to the ECU?


would the "cheaper" reflash be of any benefit with just a drop in?


i don't have the $$ for an acces port just yet.



so far first mods might be;


1. Drop in Filter


2. Brakeswap slotted rotors/ Hawk Ceramic pads

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You don't need to do anything but drop in the AVO filter. I have one and I like it. Search around, there's tons of threads with opinions on filters. I don't know what "cheaper" reflash you're talking about so I can't help there.
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Save up for an AP. The difference of a filter won't matter for a tune. You will certainly get more when you get a new up/down pipe with the tune. Your car will be better off with the new filter right away, especially since you have the original filter in there. It's probably filled with dirt and debris, so it will be getting more air now.
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