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Endless SS-M still the best street/track pad?


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Been a while since any new brake pad reviews have been posted. Looking for a pad that can survive a half-dozen driving events a year. One of which will be a track school.


Endless SS-M seems to be a favorite for the last couple of years, just wondering if anything else has come along since.




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Xenonk used them for a long time before they wore out. They saw a lot of heavy use on the track. He loves them. I think he got at least 30K or more out of the fronts.


Another plus...almost no dusting.

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Selling mine in member's classified...check it out.


I've never raced SS-Ms so cannot speak for that. However, after completing a high speed track weekend (hauling down from 130+ mph), I would go with an all out racing pad for that. I used XP8s and they worked well (wore rotors a fair amount but braking was intense that weekend). I've learned that pads and rotors are "expendables" once you start racing. Bottom line, to me, brakes are probably the most important set of equipment on your car when racing.


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