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My long night with HB Speed


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To start off, I went in for a protune, Dp install and springs and it turned into a bit more. Matt got the car off the rack and too kit for a spin. Came back and said it threw a overboost CEL. Cleared the cel and I took it for a spin. OMG!!! not the same car at all until POP! OVerboost again. Came back and called Jon. Jon arrived shortly thereafter and started to work on the map to make sure everything was OK.


Come to find out, the wastgate flapper was not opening enough because the splitter in the bellmouth of the DP wasnt letting it open.


So, Back on the rack pull the dp, modify the splitter, reinstall. This solved the problem, no more overboost.


John took the car for a spin and datalogged it. When he returned all was well in the world, my car was ready to rock.


So bottom line, even though it was a long night, The crew (family) at HB Speed is top notch. Shannon made sure I was comfortable and even bought me a shake at McD's.


My car runs great and I am already planning my turbo swap with them.


Thanks alot Guys!!! I will spread the word. For those looking for installs or tuning, do not hesitate to head over to HBS and they will take care of you.





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Yea, John is super nice. Does great work too. Thanks for sharing your experience about your tune and DP problem. I too, will be going that route, once some $$$ frees up. Friggin' job sux. I gather you installed the Invidia DP? I hope I don't have that issue when the time comes. But, at least John and company will know about this issue now. Enjoy your new power!!!
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stop lying we all know Jon really doesn't even know how to tune he just press's the buttons like some kid with a PSP playing streetfighter.




I'll be up as soon as I get some $$$ for a protune aswell :D:lol:


:wub: Jon :D

Works for me!!!! :lol:

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I just whip out my caaaak and slap it against the keyboard :lol:


the keyboard on your phone...cuz we all know that a regular sized keyboard is way too big for your Kaaaach to do any damage! :lol:

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