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STi Genome exhaust installed on 07 Outback 3.0R


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Just found out that there are additional STi Gemone for 4th Gen Legacy sedans & wagons (SG417AG033 for NA wagon & SG417AG023 for NAsedan)


New cans for NA models were designed to be compatible to 2.0R and larger 2.5L & 3.0L NA engine and were not suitable for 2.0i SOHC NA engines.


There are new cans for turbo models as well.


SG417AG010 Wagon, Turbo and 3.0R

SG417AG010 Wagon with Turbo

SG417AG030 (Wagon for2.0L NA 4 cylinder engine

SG417AG033 (Wagon with 2.5L & 3.0L NA engine

SG417AG000 B4 Sedan, Turbo and 3.0R engine

SG417AG003 B4 Sedan, Turbo and 3.0R engine

SG417AG020 B4 Sedan with 2.0L NA 4 cylinder engine

SG417AG023 (B4 Sedan with 2.5L & 3.0L NA engine

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