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Headgasket problem and ticking noise?

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Hey guys,


i thought only the older generations leggy have head gasket problems but I met some guy who works for subaru is telling me headgasket problem goes for any 2.5NA from 99 - 05 subies including my BE as well.


He was saying how my headgasket will go either in this summer or sometime in this year which kinda freak me out.


He was also saying my pistons are going soon too because of the ticking sound?


this is a video after driving for about 1 hr

MVI_5095.flv video by subaru_terrence2 - Photobucket@@AMEPARAM@@http://vid194.photobucket.com/player.swf?file=http://vid194.photobucket.com/albums/z145/subaru_terrence2/MVI_5095.flv@@AMEPARAM@@vid194@@AMEPARAM@@194@@AMEPARAM@@z145/subaru_terrence2/MVI_5095

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Can't comment on the HG issue.


But that definitely sounds like a bad case of piston slap to me.


As to how long, I haven't the foggiest. Mileage?


My BE stated showing slap @25K. After finally getting a good diagnosis at 36K, took it to a dealer,(not the one I purchased car from). And after some other repairs, was told to bring it back before the warranty ran out if the problem persisted.


Took it back @56K and they eventually replaced the pistons in Bank 1.


It is not going to go away, only get worse. Start planning for when the inevitable occurs.



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could also be a big end bearing well on it's way to destruction. But they don't sound that crisp, mine was more, a very deep and dull toc toc toc in the enigne. i'd say thats piston slap for sure.


And yeah, start saving for a BIG service, will defintelly involve taking the engine apart, so $$$$$$$$

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It'd be cheaper to find a donor engine, rather than rip that thing apart, once it goes. Thats not even close to normal sounding for the ej25. Start shopping around while the car is still driveable, get some quotes at some decent repair shops.

My 95 ej22 sounded like that on startup, but that was lifter tick.

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