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'00 GT Air Conditioning Died

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Anyone replaced the air conditioning expansion valve? I have no clue what it is, but according to the shop I took it to, that's why my AC isn't working.. I can hear whistling behind the glovebox, so I assume that's it back there..


Is this something I can do myself? is it easier to replace a larger module from the scrapyard?


Car is a 2000 Legacy GT Limited..


Thanks guys, appreciate your help!

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Well, just in case anyone searches for this, it was pretty easy. You don't need to pull apart the dash, it can all be done from under the hood..


Drain the lines (careful), then remove them from the canister-thing on the shock tower, remove the one bolt retaining the lines into the expansion valve (showing through the firewall) & pull them out, then just remove the two allen head bolts holding the valve to the rest of the under-dash assy.


Re-assemble with the new valve using all new o-rings, then go have your A/C evac'd and re-charged.

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