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93 Legacy Sedan, Rear Seat Fold Down??

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Nice site!!


Sorry for the noobie question from a first time used-Suby owner:


I can see two latches in the trunk of my (new to me) '93 legacy 4dr sedan. They are on the top left and top right of the back of the rear seat...They are are marked "<<<<LOCK" and I can flip the latches to the unlock position.


I can go inside the passenger compartment and sure enough, both rear seat backs are hinged at the bottom and look like they ought to fold down.


Except I don't see the release mechanism for the lock pin on the top. I can see it from inside the trunk, and I can almost push up the pin with my fingers from the trunk side, but not quite...obviously I'm doing this wrong.


What's the secret to dropping down the rear seats??? I'm feeling pretty dumb here..


Thanks in advance...

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mine have small cloth loops on top of the seat in the crease between the folding bit and the stationary headrest. dig in there and be sure the latches are "unlocked". the loops pull a mechanism open


welcome to the forum!

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Wow! Cool! Mine had loops jammed back in there so far I use a long pair of tweezers to get the loops out. We just found a piece of dealer paperwork and seat wrapping dated May, 1993 at the top rear part of the seats, so I don't think the previous owner had ever had the seats dropped forward.


I never would have found those hidden cloth loops without your clue...


>>>>>>>>>>>> THANK YOU!!!!!! <<<<<<<<<<<<<

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Haha, awesome. You need to reserve a day of just sitting in your car finding out all the little things it can do. ! always do that when i get a new car :lol:





*can't wait for the "halp my parking lights are stuck on" thread*

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