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problems with temperature gauge

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Hi Guys,

> > Subarau Legacy 2.0L '98 UK

> The car has 100k miles on the clock generally in good 'condition

> regular services etc.The car drives well in normal traffic

> conditions every day typically normally 50 miles max speed 50mph-70mph country lanes

> Recently I have noticed that after driving on the motorway(speeds of

> 70 to 80 mph for greater than 1 hour, when I come off on the slip

> road the temp gauge fluctuates very close to the high mark (normally

> it is rock steady mid point). Car performances is normal and no

> other dash lights come on.

> Discussion with colleagues has suggested either hot spots in the

> engine (not sure what this means) or electrical problems associated

> with the signal sender.

> I have had the thermostat recently repalced as my garage thought

> this could be the problem but it was not. Any ideas:iam:


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Bad temperature sensor or bad contact.


If replacing the sensor doesn't help I suggest that you try to add a secondary temperature gauge temporarily to check if it's the temperature that's really a problem or if you have a problem with your gauge (or other electronics).

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