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Suzuki Kizashi

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I just got the latest ish of Car and Driver and on my fourth read through I spotted a car that I initially thought was the Hyundai Genesis sedan, but is its Suzuki's new concept, called the Kazishi which is destined for production. The wheelbase is identical to the USDM' Accords and powertrain offerings are said to include an inline four and the 3.5L "high feature" GM V6 rated at 260 HP (currently seen in CTS, Malibu duty and others) and will be FWD and AWD.



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I had a suzuki swift rental car and that thing was a hoot. Way better drive then a Hyundai Accent.


I'm always impressed when I see the SX4 at car shows. Suzuki has come a long way and I think that they have the potential to displace Hyundai. If they could get a bigger marketing push...


Hyundai is going to be taking quite the gamble in the next few years.

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