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Goodyear Eagle WS-3 winters


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I am looking for some winter tires. I have had fairly good success with Michelin Pilot Alpins. They last a long time, perform well. Their ice traction is not that great though.


The tires I am considering are the Michelin PA2, or Dunlop winter sport M3. Unfortunately neither of these tires is available where I live until next year. Does anybody have any experience with the Eagl WS-3? I need better ice traction, but cannot give up the performance.

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Have your tried www.Tirerack.com? I bought my Dunlop Wintersport M3 tires there recently, and in the snow we've had so far, they've been great. Additionally, you'd hardly KNOW that you have a winter tire on when the streets are dry! VR rated. Best thing about them is they should last two or three seasons. I've used many winter tires and these are by far the best when there is no snow. Can't say they're like Blizzaks on ice, but haven't had a single problem with them to date. These are great tires for snow and slush.
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