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Squeeky windshield wipers, even in heavy rain

Soda Popinski

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Ok, so today was the first day that I got to drive my new car in the rain! Fun... but the wipers make a rubber-on-glass squeek at the end of their extension, no matter how little or how much water is on the glass.


They clear the windshield perfect, it's just a little annoying when you can hear it go 'scree... scree... scree... scree...' all the way home from work.


Variable speed does nothing but space out the inevitiable.


Is there anything I can put on the windshield to stop this noise, or are the OEM wiper blades POS?

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I had the same problem with mine. I purchased some new Rain-X Latitude blades. WOW what a difference it made!


The only thing i don't like about them is on the back stroke they do seem to lift a little above 70MPH on the highway.


Supposedly they are graphite empregnated ( uhhh huh uh) and this prevents the squeaks and chatters.

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