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The correct way of fixing the dash rattle: TAKE IT APART!! (Took me 9 hours w/break)


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Can you explain why grinding down the plugs would eliminate the rattle?


If I had to guess, it's because the claw on the hooks knocks the female plugs in the firewall around. It's not the plastic hitting plastic that causes the rattle, it's the dashboard moving the plastic against the firewall. Grinding it down got rid of the rattle, insulating all the metal and plastic did absolutely nothing. Also, trying to put pressure on the dash didn't fix anything for me before I did this.

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Where exactly in the vacation pics is info on dash removal? I can't seem to find it.


Edit: Never mind, figured it out on my own eventually. The dash still has various cables and screws attached to it after removing the info cluster, glove box, and center console. You just have to get under it and look. A flashlight will help.

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I took a bunch of pictures from taking out my dashboard. If the original poster wants to use some of my images which are clear that would be awesome. I may or may not organize my thread but a picture is worth a thousand words. Figured I would take some pics while I have it apart for the next guy. I'm going for the heater core so this is only the beginning for me...


I believe the tsb states that you have to wrap the pegs on the bottom of the dashboard to get rid of the rattle.


the top 2 pics.



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usually there's more information especially for a common problem but this is one of those subjects people tend to avoid and now I know why.... paying the dealer to fix this seems worth it lol, but I already went all in so no turning back now. These heater cores are trash, I always thought I had a leaky window or something and wondered why my carpet was always wet and why I would slowly lose coolant.... this is a quiet leak, I only realized after I removed my carpet and saw pools of coolant inside the car.
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I'm having trouble just disconnecting the upper dash after everything else removed aside from the vents on the outside edge. Seems to be hung up on the passenger side somewhere still even though it seems like I've removed every screw.


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I just pulled the dash and everything apart. I took a bunch of pictures with some general info. My thread is the link above.


Passenger side has 2 bolts underneath, you have to remove the glove box and anything else needed to get the glove box out, then you can see them, they point strait up. There are also 3 cables that need to be disconnected.

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