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new xm radio pics!!! check it!!!


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check it....no wires! i've tried to figure out where to put this thing and i finally found a place that doesn't get tangled, looks cool, is easily reached, and fits just right, in my opinion. it's mounted on/below the middle air vent on the drivers side.



the power cable is hardwired to the battery so you can't see it. also, the antenna is mounted on the frontal top area of the legacy (wired inside the dash/through the door with no wires to be seen. it only costed me $65 to get it professionally installed.



people in my car have all said it looks sweet.





xm radio worth $10? hell ya! 6 disc/radio/xm radio makes a ride never boring...





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Looks like the mount is the vent clip attachment that comes with the newest SkyFi car kit. I mounted mine using that, but on the other side (passenger side).


I still haven't wired the power and hidden the antenna cable yet, but soon ;).

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throttlejockey, no it won't. I have the skyfi and the docking unit is too big to fit in the cubby with the radio in it to. I'm trying to decide if I want to use the vent mount or go with a bracket that I may have to screw into the dash.
258k miles - Stock engine/minor suspension upgrades/original shocks/rear struts replaced at 222k/4 passenger side wheel bearings/3 clutches/1 radiator/3 turbos
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check out the roadie or roadie 2. They are smaller and would fit better in that cubby. and I think they have kits so you can use it in your house too. sirius head unit is about the same size..think you'd have the same problem


also make sure you check out the station line ups. depending on what you like, you may like xm better.

258k miles - Stock engine/minor suspension upgrades/original shocks/rear struts replaced at 222k/4 passenger side wheel bearings/3 clutches/1 radiator/3 turbos
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The XM Commander unit fits in the cubby with room to spare. It's nice because it is hidden when you want it to be. Works well.

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I installed my Roady2 using the vent mount and the optional power cord with FM modulator. I found the optional cord using the separate input gave a cleaner signal with much less hiss than the power cord/modulator that came with the package. I mounted the antenna slightly above the rear window and ran the cable inside the weatherstripping (I used a popsicle stick to lift the rubber), into the trunk and thru the seat and then along the console. I ty-wrapped the cables to the temperature sensor inlet on the driver's side of the console. I use velcro to keep the remote in place. The cubby door clears the installation and I can use the remote without directly pointing at the unit.











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Just received a Roady2 as a freebee from my brother-in-law, who bought another XM unit and got the Roady2 in their 2-for-1 promotion.


I already have an XM Commander unit in my wife's minivan, which we got installed at Best Buy, so I can add additional units at $6.99/month.


I had been hesitant to install XM because I like the interior of my Subaru (2005 LL Bean edition) and didn't want a lot of wires hanging around, but once I got a free Roady2, I figured I might as well find a way to use it.


Even with the XM Commander in my wife's car, if you look hard enough, you'll see a wire in a couple of spots--I think that's almost unavoidable unless you get the unit installed by a car stereo specialist.


Previous posts and pictures were very helpful. Here's what I did:


I placed the Roady2 unit flat on the center console, just aft of the shifter. I secured the unit to the console using the Velcro strips that come with the unit.


I experimented with several different antenna placements, trying to find the best combination of location and aesthetics. Antenna placement does make a difference in reception.


I ended up placing the antenna on the roof of the car, just forward of the hatchback. I placed the antenna as close to the opening for the hatchback as I could, so you see virtually no wire. I opened and closed the hatchback several times to make sure I wasn't hitting the antenna or crimping the wire.


From there, I fed the wire around the hatchback opening, hiding it underneath trim. I used no tools--I simply worked it in with my fingers. At the bottom of the hatchback opening, I fed the wire through the bottom of the cargo compartment--underneath the storage trays. From there it goes under the right side of the back seat and under the trim at the door opening that holds down the carpet. Then I fed it under the rails of the front passenger seat and into the center console, coming out on the left side and then up to the connection on the left-hand side of the Roady2.


The power cord is plugged into the power outlet in the center console storage bin. Right now, I have the cord coming out the left hand side of the bin and straight down to the floor, where I tucked it under the left-hand side of the console and then up to the connection on the Roady2.


Basically, there are only 2 places where any wire is visible in the passenger compartment: (1) You see about 2-3 inches where the power cord and antenna wire come out from underneath the left hand side of the console and up to the unit. I will probably sheath both of those wires in a piece of the black flexible tube that comes with the unit. (2) The power cord currently runs outside the left hand side of the center console storage area and down to the floor, where it tucks underneath the console. It's between the console and the driver seat, so it's not noticeable. However, if I get ambitious, I could drill a hole in the bottom of the console stroage box and run the power cord under the console completely.


The unit sounds great with no additional equipment needed. Fortunately for me, I live in a medium-sized metro area where I have a couple of FM frequencies that are not occupied with strong signals.


Experimenting with the different backlight colors--the one that seems to match up best with the Subaru nighttime cabin lights is the orange background. The red is a bit harsh and makes it hard to read the display.


One disadvantage of placing the unit where I did is that it is not at eye level. That's not a problem for me because I stray very little from 10 preset stations. So, I can change channels by feel of the buttons without taking my eyes off the road. On the plus side, I can still use the cupholders and the shifter is not blocked.


The color of the unit--steel gray--blends in nicely with the color of the console. My daughter is always the first person to notice new things. When she gets in the car, she usually reaches for the radio immediately. This morning, when she climbed into the seat, the XM was on (Top Tracks--Ch. 46) and she noticed the frequency on the radio was new. When she finally realized it was XM, it took her a few seconds to find the unit because it was so unobtrusive.


So, it's not as good aesthetically as a factory-installed original equipment unit, but it's pretty good, especially since it didn't cost me anything for the equipment or installation.


Whether it's Sirius or XM, in my opinion, there is absolutely no substitute for satellite radio--commercial radio is yesterday's news.

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BTW, you can put the antenna in the middle of the dash against the windshield and get great reception. I just tucked the wire inbetween the dash and windshield, and under the A-pillar and behind the glovebox.. It's a completely stealth install, and the antenna looks no worse than the little light sensor for the ACC..
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I just purchased an 05i Limited Outback. I had my Roady in my old 94 Accord.

Right now I have the Roady sitting in one cup holder with the FM mod plugged into the armrest console power outlet like djurban and the antenna sitting in the other cup holder. I get reception but need to mount the antenna on the roof. Djurban if you can post some photos. Thanks

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