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Official MY2005 production numbers by model & color

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Well, that apparently does not help, since there are 3 character long alphanumeric codes for dualtonies. If you pm me your VIN I should be able to find out.


3M6 only 200 interesting.


Is that 3 digit code the interior color code or the exterior?


Below are my exterior paint codes so I would think that its an interior code


Exterior Paint codes are

Atlantic Blue=33A

Granite Gray Opal=35S



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1 of 478.....BSM.....2005 Legacy GT sedan MT Unltd :eek: I thought there were a lot more. Some of us have lower numbers than a Spec B. ( I still like them though)

Fat people are hard to kidnap!!!

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238.....RBP.....2005 Legacy GT sedan MT Ltd (blk)

my combo was only offered in 2005 so it is uber rare!


The only combo that I would like as much or more than my similar configuration in Garnet Red... Regal Blue was very nice. I have no idea why it was canned, a lot of the new cars, like hyundai genesis are coming with a dark blue paint choice...

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86......RBP.....2005 Legacy GT wagon MT Ltd (blk)


only 86 made.. I'm aware of 3 (mine included) with RI plates. I wonder what would distribution by states look like.


Love the color combination, it was the one I was hunting down for about a year.

2005 LGT Wagon Limited 6 MT RBP Stage 2 - 244K

2007 B9 Tribeca Limited DGM - 243K

SOLD - 2005 OB Limited 5 MT Silver - 245K

SOLD - 2010 OB 6 MT Silver - 205K

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I saw a RBP 2005 GT Wagon in Des Moines about 8-10 months ago, on gold OZ wheels...


But I am not sure if it was a MT or Limited... I only saw the back of the car, as I followed along the same street for a little while.


I had just bought a saw from sears, and couldn't fit the box into the trunk, so it was in the back seat... I was really diggin' the wagon that day, trying to convince my wife, who hates wagons, categorically.

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