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Liberal Spoiler for BP...


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Anyone know where to find this? I know MachV has one... but is it modeled after this one? I want the "flipped up duck bill look" that the 92-95 Spoon Civic has and not just an extended spoiler. It'd be even better if it came prepainted... (Wishing upon a star!!) EDIT: Ok, found the website: http://www.liberal-aero.com. One problem, its mainly Japanese, (I think), and I don't read Japanese. Anyone know the yen conversion for the price or a place in the states where I could get this? It is not on Japanparts site.... Help me please!!



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You answered your own question, get the one from fastwrx.com a.ka. MachV. It looks great and the "upturned bill look" is kind of silly imo. Don't waste your money on importing an expensive JDM piece of equipment, go with what is a known success, MachV's spoiler.



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