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Official Turbo Upgrade & Dyno Tuned Thread


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On the suggestion of several members, and to help our non-searching brothers, welcome to a hopefully condensed Turbo Upgrade Thread.


Please Post the following:


Year and Transmission

Turbo (Please include details such as exhaust housing size, etc)

Supporting Performance Mods


Please include dyno charts and/or timeslips if you have them.


*EDIT* Please keep this ON TOPIC. OT will be deleted and removed.

SoCal Duck Hunters Club - Unit 52
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I'll start:


2006 5eat LGT Wagon

Blouch Dominator III, 8CM Exhaust housing


Support Mods:

TDC 816CC Injectors

Perrin FMIC

Aquamist HFS-5

APS EL Headers + UP

Custom Fabbed Tial 38mm EWG

Cobb DP (taper removed)

3" Catback to 2.5" Y Custom Exhaust



Time Slips soon, other local dyno sheets coming soon!

SoCal Duck Hunters Club - Unit 52
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EFR 7064 rotated twinscroll

Full-Race Manifold/Uppipe/Downpipe

Stromung exhaust

Custom intake (JDM Legends/Cobb Tuning)

Cobb pulley

Cobb prototype intercooler/custom piping

T1 top feed fuel rails

1000 cc ID injectors

Walbro 255 fuel pump

AEM 3.5 port boost control solenoid

AEM Speed Density

Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator

Highest Power Graph.pdf

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Great idea:

Here's a link to my initial thread too with dyno graph:



Motor and Transmission Mods:

  • FP 20g, 34mm internal wastegate, 8cm housing
  • Perin FMIC
  • K&N CAI
  • Prodrive boost control solenoid
  • Megan Racing CBE
  • PDE UP
  • Cobb HFC DP
  • Perin inlet
  • Deutchwerks 740cc injectors
  • Walbro pump
  • IPT VB
  • Transmission cooler




The install and tune went great and I am very happy with the car, 320whp/290wtq. At 4K RPM it really starts to pull and holds power all the way to redline. A completely different beast than Stage 2, very fun to drive. Jon tappered boost up to 19.5psi at 4K (to make more 5EAT friendly). Great job at Harman, thanks, Ian, Jon, and Dan! A special thanks to Boostjunkie for going the extra mile to get the Megan Racing CBE prototype on the car in time for my tune (a very nice cat-back set-up). SnoDork, thanks for the motivation and the K&N intake.

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2005 LGT 5MT limited sedan


FP TD06-18G 7cm Legacy fitment

Perrin TMIC


AVO pump

Deatschwerks 740cc injectors

Crucial P&P+coated manifolds

BPM X-over pipe (soon to be wrapped)

BPM flex UP (soon to be wrapped)

PDE catless 3" no taper DP (soon to be wrapped)

Perrin Mid & Y

Cobb AP dynotuned by PDX



Put down 278/274 on the PDX mustang @ 16.5 psi. I'm working on getting it tuned up into it's efficiency range, then alky in the spring.




I'm not sure what a stock STI puts down on this dyno, but you can see AKLGT's numbers, and farmerjohns rotated GT30 did 383/373.




this was my first 18G tune on PDX old Dynapak. this was with a 7psi actuator, and we had to install a bleeder on the WG actuator line to hit 17psi. I now have the 15psi actuator. My car had a coated Megan header and no CBE for this tune.






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* Cobb AccessPORT

* Invidia 5MT Catted DP

* Vibrant Performance headers + UP ceramic coated (Blue)

* UR crank pulley

* Perrin Y-pipe and AVO v2 axlebacks

* Perrin TMIC with alki tap

* APS BOV with TDC custom tubing

* CoolingMist Stage II (Vari-Cool Controller Kit) with TDC custom mounted tank

* Wahlbro 255l pump TDC custom fitted

* Deadbolt IHI VF40-18G

* AVO 15lb Boost Actuator

* NGK Iridium Spark Plugs (1 step colder)

* K&N Typhoon Intake System

* TDC Protuned by TDC Mike


305WHP and 335WTQ





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Basic STI Swap:


2005 LGT 5EAT Sedan



STI Intake Manifold

Gutted OEM uppipe

Custom 3" bellmouth DP


SPT intake and heatshield

Ported TGV Deletes

Perrin Turbo Inlet Hose

IPT Valve Body

Hayden Transmission Cooler

Cobb LW Crank Pulley

GP Moto Coilovers

Brembo Front BBK



dyno numbers weren't too impressive: 238 awhp/231 wtq (86 Deg, boosting 16 psi) at PDX Tuning. these numbers ARE FROM THE RACE FUEL MIXTURE ON THE DYNO!!! all other tunes were done before during a road tune session. Obviously we know the dyno #'s are off, however, that was the best we got from my car THAT day after driving 2500 miles to PDX, spending 2 hrs in traffic in the heat from Rallitek. However, when at home, boosting 21 psi (no awd dyno here) running 12.86-12.96.


Car 8458: Using the fuel mix and dyno tune race map:


Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah!!!
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^ She keeps forgetting to add the 1/4 mile was on race gas.

*edited post above*


you keep neglecting the fact that the DYNO numbers are from tuning for the race map with my race gas mixture. again, the most the car would boost on the dyno was 16 psi while here it boosts at 21 psi. the car was being tuned for: 1/4 tank 90 octane + 32 oz Torco Race Fuel. 98% cycle on stock injectors and fuel.

Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah!!!
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Ok, I'll whore my dyno sheet out too ;)


05 LGT sedan - 5MT


Mod list:



Supertech forged pistons

Supertech/NPR rings

Manley rods

Cosworth rod and main bearing (race spec)

Nitrided and micropolished stock crank

Cosworth oil pump

Cosworth head studs

Greddy timing belt

Balanced and blueprinted



Ported and polished

Supertech 1mm oversized valves (SS intake, Inconel exhaust)

Supertech double valve springs and Ti retainers

Cosworth cams (278/274)



Deadbolt SZ55 turbo (7cm2 turbine housing, internal gate, 3" inlet)

APS 3" turbo inlet pipe

Harman Motive CAI

JDM TGV deletes

Perrin FMIC

Perrin fuel rails

Perrin EBCS

PE 850 injectors

Walbro fuel pump

PDE uppipe

Megan Racing DP

Megan Racing CBE

HKS BOV (fully recirculated)


91 octane pump gas. No meth. No additives.




I'll be back with a modded GT35R in a little over a week and hopefully quite a bit more power (500+ whp on pump + meth). Of course I do need to work out a head gasket issue too :(

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Engine Mods:

TDC Modified Inj's (816cc)

TDC Walbro Pump

TDC Tune


Blouch TD05-20g 8cm (Utilizes a Td06 Compressor Cover)

Prodrive Solenoid

Used STI Up-pipe

Crucial Radiator Caps

Crucial Racing Downpipe (2.5")

Used Crucial Racing Midpipe(2.5")

Stock Resonating Section (2.5")

Used Welded in Perrin Y-Pipe (2.5")

Used Perrin Muffler

Perrin Recird BPV

Used Perrin Inlet

Used K&N Typhoon Intake

Perrin Crank Pulley

Stock Clutch

21 taper to 19


06 TB EVO IX SE stock turbo monster subaru hater :lol:
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Perrin FMIC

SZ55 "Fatboy" turbo 3"

816cc injectors

AVO fuel pump

AVO intake

TGV deletes

COBB DP(catted version)

Maddad header/UP V2

GReddy EVO2 catback

Crucial 160* T-stat

Crucial radiator & reservoir caps

Unorthodox lightweight pulleys

Prodrive boost solenoid


Tuned by Scott Siegel

GFB bov

Turbo dynamics turbo blanket

Hayden transmission cooler

NGK Iridium 1 step colder plugs


No dyno plots with the latest setup but according to Scott Siegel the setup is putting down just over 400whp/400ftlb @ 4200 on 93oct

Have not been to the track but did log these times this past week





Toyota 6EATS .........SUCK!!!!!!
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AVO intake

Momentum 50T w/ 2.4" inlet

TDC custom FMIC

TDC modded 816cc inj.

Walboro FP

Crucial UP

Rally Perf. shorty DP

Megan CBE

Prodrive boost solenoid


Protuned by Mike @ TDC

Dyno'd with 93oct





Running 21 psi peak tapering to 18 psi by redline.

"Gimme mines Balboa...Gimme mines".....Clubber Lang - Mr. T
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2005 LGT 5MT Limited

Blouch 20g 7cm upgraded WG

UTEC, PE850's /w Walboro 255lph, MTS FMIC, Tial 50mm BOV, Gruppe-s headers, Perrin UP+DP Catless, Custom 3inch mandrel bent exhaust, Prodrive boost solenoid, CRY02 intercooler ring (not used on dyno), Hybrid clutch RPS pressure plate and ACT 6-puck disc, ACT flywheel, and some other stuff I can't remember.


Tuned by Jermaine at TurboXS and put together by Rob at MTS, 369whp @ 22psi 342whtq 115 degree shop temp. 4th gear pulls. Baseline 364whp. Great curve to redline. (Runs REAL nice now that it's colder in MD)


Best track time is a 12.4 @ 114mph, 1.7 60 foot. High 80's temp. at Capital Raceway. Full interior.


Sorry no dyno or timeslip, dyno is on a thumb drive somewhere and my timeslip was probably thrown out. Plans to run soon, will edit and post a slip.

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I thought I'd chime in..

2005 STI

Element GT52, 3 Inch TBE (catted), APS FMIC/CAI, all the other big turbo mods....

Stock headers/up-pipe, stock clutch.

EM- APv2.

400whp/402.5wtq @ 21.5 PSI of boost by 3657rpm..

Upcoming mods- CF Drive Shaft.


RESERVED for 08 Legacy Spec B (whenever the APv2 for that one comes out)

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2006 Subaru Legacy GT Spec.B

Engine Mods

  • Perrin Catless Up-pipe
  • Cobb Access Port V2 - ProTuned by Mike TDC Tuning :p
  • 93 Oct Tune
  • Autospeed TBE
  • Perrin TMIC
  • TDC 40bb turbo
  • TDC 816cc modded injectors
  • TGV deletes ported
  • Walbro 255lph fuel pump
  • ProDrive Boost Control Solenoid.
  • 20Psi Max @3600rpm tapering to 19psi @6500
  • Peaks: 322hp/349ft-lbs tq. :)
  • Redline bumped to 7150rpm


Like buttah!!! :wub: Smooth and strong beyond belief down low where you won't find boost and torque on higher-end and higher power turbos! Jet Fighter sounds during operation and shutdown! Maintains stealth by looking like stock IHI VF40. Locomotive-like nearly linear acceleration (for a turbo car).


Requires fuel system mods. Expen$ive as heck - hundreds more than other turbos but to me well worth it. Though, some early adopters have bought it for under $1,000!!! All this power on TMIC and no meth! :rolleyes: I figure with meth, I'd be over 350hp and 400ft-lbs maybe. Don't think I'll ever do it though.



________________________________________________ [URL="http://legacygt.com/forums/vbpicgallery.php?do=view&g=1980"]'05 BSM OBXT Row-your-own, W.I.P. :rolleyes:[/URL] [URL="http://legacygt.com/forums/vbpicgallery.php?do=view&g=1242"]'06 Shrek B # 64 - The car the wife loved to hate :( Sold...[/URL]
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Custom FMIC

PE 850 cc inj.

AVO fuel pump

Blouch TD05h-20g 7cm^2 Turbo

STI Mounts

Full Custom TBE

Short Ram intake

Prodrive Boost Selenoid

Mahle Forged Pistons

Cobb AP with Protune


Dyno Dynamics dynometer


321.7 whp, 315 wtq.



Attached Thumbnailsattachment.php?attachmentid=37567&stc=1&thumb=1&d=1180118461

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E85 Tune

Cobb DP, MP, Y

Stock Cans

Perrin UP/DP


Subaru short shift

AVO Fuel Pump Upgrade


NGK One Step Colder Plugs

Deadbolt TD06H-20G Zilla

DW 850cc injectors

AVO Intake

Snow Performance WI kit running washer fluid

Labonte WI safety monitoring

Defi boost gauge

Momo shift knob

Tuned at 5200' altitude


Edited by 05pearl
New Tune
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I'll throw my hat into the mix...


AVO 420


AVO Fuel Pump

AVO Intake

DW 740's

Cobb UP

Cobb DP

Autospeed CBE

ACT Street Performance Clutch

Autometer Cobalt Boost Gauge

Pro Tune by Jorge at P&L


328hp 335lb/ft torque


Have megan racing headers going on and am contimplating the Labonte WI kit plus a new tune here shortly. Will provide new post if this happens.


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Perrin tmic

Invidia catted DP


Access Port

Magnaflow catback

K&N intake

fuel pump


19.5 lbs trailing off to about 15 at redline. So smooth, so linear, always on tap. I love this setup.



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2005 Subaru Legacy GT Wagon, 5spd manual


Power mods:


- AccessPort V1

- FP Green 3", 8cm



- K&N Typhoon Intake

- TGV Deletes

- Prodrive BCS

- Perrin 3" silicone inlet

- DW 800cc Injectors

- Walbro 255L/hr fuel pump

- Ultimate Racing Uppipe w/ Tial 38mm EWG

- Cobb catless downpipe

- Grimmspeed x-pipe/ported manifolds

- Stock catback (at dyno time - now a 3"CBE)


359whp, 359wtq


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2005 Legacy GT non-limited sedan, 5MT


-SZ49 2.4 inlet, 8cm^2, oil and water cooled, ported wastegate, Black Xtreme Coating exhaust side, Grey Ceramic Coating compressor side, 15psi actuator rotated for more direct action


-TDC Modded 816cc injectors

-PLTek Walbro fuel pump

-Modified stock intake straightener and MAF housing

-AEM Dri-Flo intake filter

-AP 3" inlet with 2.5" coupler

-Prodrive BCS

-1 step colder plugs


-GTSpec II Headers w/velocity UP

-Invidia catless DP

-custom 2.5" exhaust to 2 x Flowmaster40s




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  • 1 month later...

2005 5MT

TDC 18G 8cm^2 housing - overported and polished


Supporting Mods:

AEM intake



850cc DW injectors

1 step colder plugs


Autospeed CBE

Labonte meth injection - MAF scaled.




The red pull had the meth turned on. 315whp/344tq

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