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Wheel Weight Database


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This is a link to a very large on-line database for wheel weight. You can sort alphabetically by brand or sort by weight. It was really helpful to me when I was looking for wheels. I thought it would be helpful to the community.




It is not a complete list but there are a lot of wheels in there. The guy maintains the site so if you find or have any weights that are not in the database you can send them to him and he will add them. The larger the database, the more useful it is to everybody.



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great find, however, I believe it will better serve in the wheels/tires forum.


*ALSO* if you know of a wheel that is NOT listed in the above database, please add this to the list here. Let's keep the OT rambling out or I will delete those posts. Try and keep this thread clean and neat for reference purposes. Thanks!

Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah!!!
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If you noticed on the list...


Prodrive p1 (17x7) is 22.0lbs


Prodrive p7 (17x7) is 22.4 lbs




OZ Prodrive 1 (17x7) is 20.4 lbs


Speedline Prodive 7 (17x7) is 22.5 lbs


?????? Not much different on the P7 side, but the P1 difference is 1.6 lbs ??????

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This is an old thread, and that database file is not updated for 5th gen Legacy models.


I was looking to purchase some aftermarket wheels, so I wanted to compare unsprung weight, etc. I'll share the results of my research here for my 2011 Legacy for future searching prosperity. :)


2010, 2011, 2012 Legacy 2.5i Premium

Size: 16" x 6.5"

Material: Alloy

Bolt pattern: 5 x 100mm

Offset: 48mm

Weight: 18.5 lbs

Subaru Part Number: 28111AJ05A


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