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SoCal Leggies Invades Vegas


What week in October are most free?  

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  1. 1. What week in October are most free?

    • Week 1 (Oct 1-6)
    • Week 2 (Oct 7-13)
    • Week 3 (Oct 14-20)
    • Week 4 (Oct 21-27)

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Ok guys since this topic has been swirling around during the meets you guys have and around the whoring thread, I thought it should have its own thread so we can collect the info from all members going in a centralized location so we can plan days off and such.


So I'll start:


I can take Thursday-Saturday off any week in October. Or if enough people want to, I can take leave late Wednesday. As my classes end by 12 noon.


Bah.... forgot to add, the faster we can this finalized, the quicker I can also ask my work for discounts at LV Hilton as we have a contract with them.


And I'm good any week except week 1 as that is too close. and BTW guys if u vote please post, so we can see who is wanting to go.


Current Leading Weeks:

Week 4 with 4 votes.

Week 3 with 3 votes.

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i can usually take off thursday and friday...hard part for me is finding a babysitter .... let me know what you guys come up and with ill try to make it, im also up for leaving late wednesday night

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At this point it doesn't matter for me. I'm down for any weekend.



BUT, If we are going to leave on a Wednesday night or any day other than friday after work, then I need to know As Soon As Possible. So I can ask for days off.


Oh and another thing, I'm down do drive as well.

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ummm.. maybe this friday...


friend is coming to visit from taiwan.. we might head out there.. get there by 3pm.. wasted and belligerent by 5pm.. AND NO WE ARE NOT LIGHT WEIGHT! :lol::lol::lol::lol:. just a lot of whiskey!! glass?!? bring the bottle!!


ha ha!!


there is an 80% chance of us going and percentage growing by the hour.




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haha this weekend is too quick.


and the later we do this.... the less chance and more costly this will be. which will knock even more ppl out since costs will skyrocket.


who said anything about staying in a hotel or sleeping?!? :cool::cool::cool:


fold the seats down in the back.. makes a great bed.. hmm.. 4 guys sleeping in the car w/ the windows rolled down.. kinda gay.. but in the college days.. can't say i haven't been there.. might've got spooned too!! (wow that was weird... i don't even know you guys) :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

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