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A little functional JDM bling - Carbing strut tower bar


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I went in to Tein USA months ago so they could use my car to fab up a Carbing strut tower bar for the USDM models. They finally called me back a couple of weeks ago to arrange for a test fitment today. As expected with a Carbing product, it fits perfectly and is beautifully finished. The Carbing bar is a bit unique because it also features a master cylinder stopper. This helps to prevent movement of the master cylinder due to firewall flex and firms up the brake feel. Also a big shout out and thanks to Jaymesbry for coming out on incredibly short notice so that Tein could see the bar on a more or less stock car... since mine is ummmm.... not stock ;). Don't worry James, I'll find a way to take care of you for your help.:)


Here are the pics:











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I want it! I have been waiting for a strut bar to offer the master cylinder stopper. All of the jdm stuff doesn't fit since their master cylinder is on the other side. FTW!


What color is the final production going to be? and price!!

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Nope...he's got them like that on purpose to be able to dial in camber and caster at the same time...


uh are your struts on right? arnt the adjustments suposed to go left and right and not on an angel? i guess wither way works. just depends on the adjustment you want
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Color should be white, just like the tester. :)


Sure looks good.


That is correct. The only thing my prototype is missing is the little "Carbing" badge. The production versions will be identical. I do recall seeing other Carbing strut tower bars in a brushed finish, but apparently the one for the LGT will be white.


There was plenty of clearance to the stock TMIC on jaymesbry's car, but I cannot be sure about fitment with a Perrin TMIC. The bar itself is steel and looks beefy, but isn't too heavy. I'd say less than 10 lbs.


And for the last time... MY CAMBER PLATES ARE ROTATED ON PURPOSE!:p:lol:

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