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JDM Outback Bumper Install


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Here is the original thread but I thought I would post this in the Exterior Forum as well.







OK I believe I have the answers to the JDM Outback bumper install now.


I went to the dealer and found out that the bumper beam on my car is a 57712ag22a. This number has been superceded to 57712ag13a and guess what he had one in stock, I looked at it and was disappointed :( because it was just like mine. Too thick top to bottom.


So I had him look up a bumper beam for a legacygt wagon and it was the same 22a or 13a part number, which did not make sense, because it would not fit on anything but an outback without the cutouts. So I thought I was down an out and going to have to continue digging. I cant seem to even get the right bumper beam part number for the legacygt wagon from Subaru.


Anyway, so I went out in the parking lot and decided to get out the tape measure and look at a legacygt SEDAN. LOW AND BEHOLD there was the beam I needed.

I went back into the dealer with the VIN off the car on the lot, and they HAD THE BEAM IN STOCK :)


He brought it down from the warehouse and sure enough that is the beam I needed. :spin:

Brought it home and it fits PERFECTLY in the JDM Skin. :spin:


The only other issue is you have to order the brackets that hold the beam to the frame because they are narrower top to bottom. You may also want to order the foam energy absorber or you might be able to cut yours to fit. I chose to order the abosorber as well. I wanted factory fit and finish.


Here are the part numbers you will need to make the JDM Outback bumper work on your outback as of 8/17/2008




1.Order the JDM Outback bumper KIT from www.japanparts.com

Part # 107-034-S (obviously order the correct color for your car) $1022.80 OLD PRICE 766.80


Note: You do not need to order the whole prepainted JDM bumper KIT from japan parts. If you can get just the skin that is all you need. The kit I ordered comes with everything you can imagine to install a rear bumper, Popits clips brackets etc. so it was more expensive. If you go just the skin route you will need a pop rivet gun to move over some brackets on your stock skin. You will also use your existing clip/beam that goes accross the top lip of the skin and is used to clip the top lip to the car. The JDM one will not work





I am uncertain if the painted and unpainted part numbers are for a JDM OUTBACK. You need to ask Graham.



107-025-015 (order the correct color for your car) $712.80 OLD PRICE 534.60





107-025-016 $399.60 OLD PRICE 277.20




I am positive that this is an Outback bumper because this is what I ordered.



Part # 107-034-S (order the correct color for your car) $1022.80 OLD PRICE 766.80




2. Order the Aluminum back beam, brackets and Energy Absorber foam for a 2008 LegacyGT Sedan


Part # 57712AG08A Beam


Part # 57714AG02A9P Right Hand Beam Bracket

Part # 57714AG03A9P Left Hand Beam Bracket




I havent put all the parts on my car just yet, so wait for my final post later next week. I have test fit the beam in my skin and it is fine, but the foam, and two brackets for the beam will not be in until monday

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Once I let the car down off the Jack stands, the Y pipe was sitting slightly on the rear sway bar. I do have the JDM 20mm bar on this car.

So I am going to have to put the swaybar relocation brackets provided by autospeed.

I posted some more pics on the webshots account and placed them in the Autospeed folder. I need to take one more picture though, just so you can see it on the ground, where it is slightly hitting the sway bar.

I did drive it today with the exhaust on. WOW I love it. You can slightly hear it on the highway which isnt too bad at all. When you get on it, it really opens up. Its not too loud and not too soft in my opinion. Its a nice deep sound, not raspy and really just what I was looking for.

Even though the swaybar is slightly resting on the exhaust it does not make any noise whatsoever while driving, but i am still going to put the relocation brackets on.


Bumper on later this week and final adjustment of the muffler hangers and I should be all done.

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Posted pictures to the webshots account. Bumper all installed but still need to do final adjustment on the autospeed exaust.

You do have to move the sway bar up, at least I did. In the final two pictures you will see the swaybar moved upward but I have not moved the exaust upward yet.

Ill do that this weekend and post the Final Pictures.


Also you will see pictures of the styrofoam installed. It would not work I had to remove it. The JDM bumper is just too shallow front to back. It works fine without it though. I tried cutting the tabs sticking up on the foam but that didnt work either so in my final assembly I just took it out.


Last but not least you have to use the bumper beam clip from your old bumper not the one that comes with the JDM Bumper The one that comes with the JDM bumper will not work. I took pictures of both, the shiney new one is the JDM, the not so shiney one is the stock one that I used.


I really dont think you need to order the whole kit from Japan Parts and eventually I will post up a detailed list of parts I used from the JDM bumper kit so you dont spend the amount I did.

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looks great so far - cant wait to see final pics and part list. I like how you used one of my pics in your photoshots :) -I was like, who the heck else drops a plum-line for their bumber, and I looked closer and said, wait, that is my garage :)


I need to get more pics loaded up for my 2" Reciever hitch mod. Adding that to my to-do list :)


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OK final pics of bumper and Autospeed Exaust in the JDM Bumper folder on my webshots account. If anyone wants to link them to this thread feel free. If you do post them pretty big.


I ended up cutting the tapered flange off the cobb down pipe and had a 3 inch piece of stainless pipe and a 3 inch flange welded in. I also had to have the muffler shop heat up the S shaped bend in the autospeed pipe and bend it up. It discolored the pipe but it worked really well. There are pictures of this as well.


Ill post some daytime pictures and get a shot of the full length of my car so you can see how much shorter the bumper is when I get it cleaned up this week.

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Updated the pics pretty much in order in post 14-15. If you ever have any questions give me a call....eight one six two one three seven two zero three




Just to clarify, I only need to order the USDM Legacy sedan bumper beam and the two mounting brackets that go with it, correct?

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Just FYI, you could buy just the skin and not the "set" and it should be cheaper.


Note how it says in the link "All hard ware, back beam include. *Choose color."


All you really need is the painted or unpainted bumper.


The set includes pop its, an unusable "back beam" etc etc..


The numbers for just the skin painted and unpainted are these:





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