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Rotrex power for 3.0R

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Cobb made it to Tribeca, but we decide go step ahead...


We actually going to supercharge Legacy 3.0R MY07


And here is spices for the soup...


- Stock Spec B 3.0R 6-speed MY07


- Rotrex C38/61 Supercharger


- Cold Air intake




- STi Exhaust


- Walbro 255 Fuel bump


- EcuTek softa



The first and main thing in this project is reliability...car must work perfectly for dayly driving...The goal is to get abrox 350hp/300lb-ft


I but some project picks soon...

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First problem come up...EcuTek dont have software for my Spec B PCM..yet, It can take least few weeks before the have software for me.

So we try to find other options for engine management like HKS F-con Pro / Apexi power FC...Do anyone have any suggestions??


Looks like Cobb use some kind of "easy ECU management" system ??


Ps. I post some picks ASAP...

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Nobody cares about the Civic!!!!

Bring on the 3.0R pics!!


OK!...Hold your Horses :D


Here they come...







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subscribe. JDM 3.0R getting supercharged. this might be even better than the 3.0R Spec b/3.0RB


why do you have a pipe over the FMIC? erm, is it for cooling the air which will be supplied to the supercharger? btw, you mind if i ask, where are you located? just out of curiosity.

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