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Paintball Anyone??


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Hey guys, thought I should extend the invitation to my legacy pals. My neighbor is setting up a private group to go play some paintball at SC Village (located in corona) http://www.scvillage.com


Date: Sept 7th (friday... so ask for it off!)

Time: 7:30am - 4:00pm (tentative)

*Remember to print out all wavier forms and filled out before you get to park, it will speed up the process*


they do provide rentals, but it would be better if you can source your own gear as their rentals aren't in the best of shape.... (some are held together by rubber bands.... i kid not)

Look to spend up to $100 if u don't bring any gear at all. Less if you bring gear/food


let me know before end of august if anyone is going. so we can get a final count.

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OH OH! I wanna go. Crap. better get my tank hydro'd. How experience are you guys? My gf and a couple of newbs would want to go but I wouldnt bring them if they'd get lit up. :spin:


out of the group my neighbor is getting, they will be the same level as u guys.


for now only me, neighbor +his lil bro, and one of my friends are decent. since we use to go alot. but its been 3 years.... our skills are probably rusty.. haha


i will post more info as i can as from sc village's website, it will be ~$20 pp and that is just to play. it doesn't include potential gun rentals, paintballs, and co2/air refills. i would plan to bring $100 to cover all potential costs, and food (unless u bring ur own)


Updated on 1st post!

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