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Official Quartz Silver Metallic Thread

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Here's my 08 3.0R Limited in QSM. Such a great silver.


True, it's really grown on me the last few years I've had it. I think it looks great with the black contrast.


Just put in the Grillcraft upper and lower grill to that effect (cellphone pics):




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This is my 08' Spec.B, Had it for about 7 months now and I could not be happier. Just put in a TurboXS downpipe and Nameless Performance cat back. Still looking for some wheels but not really sure what to get. I think I want some Wedssport SA72's or Enkei TS-10's.



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Made some additional upgrades and finally got around to posting them.


Added a front lip



Then I decided I wanted the headlights to match, went in for a black housing and figured I might as well add Halos while it was apart. Shout out to SpecBFan for his help and inspiration.


Disassembly and Drying



80mm Halo Switchbacks






Sides looked plain too, so ordered some JDM spats which were silver, but not QSM and took a while to get painted.





Was worth the wait. Also had Koni/Swift combo installed, you might be able to notice the drop.



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We've had this for 6 years now. Stock except for Morimito LED headlights and now new wheels.


Wife won’t let me go too crazy on it, so I have my 4Runner for that. Will be getting something new for her in the next year or two so this will become my daily and I’ll look to do a few things here and there. I’m definitely the kind to get something I like, take care of it, and drive it for 10+ years.


Just mounted the 2013 WRX wheels on the other day and spent a couple hours this morning shining everything up.




Looks good man!

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What color are those wheels and calipers? I quite like that and I feel like a lot of colors don't look great with qsm



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the wheels are a factory finish from Weds. just plain gold I believe.


Calipers are just a yellow, I forgot the specific powdercoat shade.

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