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***2008 One Piece KeyFob Group Buy***


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Reza, I know this isn't for a key fob, but I have another friend that'll be looking for a Forester XT Sports soon. I gave him your contact info. :D


There is nothing better to replace it with right now. ;)


I think I want ~400hp stock, and an AT. :p



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Mike and Rommel, take your beemer fetish to the other thread, I am trying to do some genuine suby biz here.... hahahahaha


:lol: :lol: :lol:


Mike wants some over priced Euro Mobil. hmmmm.


No Reza, that's your cue to tell SoA what I want. :D


And yeah, I'm not into BMWs. ;)



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Good, because BMW is really not all that.


So what is it? Are you looking into Audi or Porsche?


When the time comes, possibly a Lexus IS-F, Mercedes C63, or a B8 S4 avant. Unless you give me an indication that a Legacy STi is coming... :lol:



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