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Reference of Avaliable Trunk Lip Spoiler: 05-07 Sedan


Which style do you like best?  

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  1. 1. Which style do you like best?

    • RBS Ver 1
    • RBS Ver 2
    • RavSpec STi
    • K2/ Stanza
    • CyberR
    • Ebay
    • Syms
    • S202?
    • Others... please post which one...

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yep they can be found mostly on eBay. Just make sure you search for the correct size at 47 inches


Yes 47 inches is the one I got.


I got it from this ebay seller: audislineclub_uk


Perfect color matching, painted & shipped for $31! Can't beat that!


IIRC, the shipping took like less than a week from Taiwan!



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lets bring this thread back from the dead with some better non iphone pictures of my HKC speed lip







what lip is that exactly? do you have a link to it?

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I have an 04 legacy and wanted something to dress up the back and found a simple lip spoiler on ebay for under 15 bucks.I looked for a factory spoiler for it and was told it's not available for 04.
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Where can I find the parts behind the front and rear wheel those look sick!



If you are talking about what is below the sideskirts in post #110 that appears to be garage door molding and you can find that at any Lowe's or HD. Best of luck :lol:

I was 0.




And I'm still a zero.



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Could someone tell me what kind of lip spoiler this is









I'm just guessing it stock, but I don't really know

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Thread resurrection.


So, I ordered the STi replica spoiler from EBay. Since I have a factory wing, I'm going to have to have the trunk repaired after it's been removed. Just got quoted $350 to fill, repair and respray my trunk and respray my JDM grill. Sound like a good price? The shop has excellent reviews on Yelp, so I'm thinking it's a solid bet.


Should I do the removal of the old wing and install the new lip spoiler prior to painting? (The lip is supposed to come painted, code 65z) If the paint looks 'right' on the lip spoiler, I figured I could drill and install it after it's been done - just gotta put some rust stop around the drill holes...

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Are there still any of these for sale anywhere? I can't seem to find any but the rubber SpoilerKing ones on eBay.



where i got mine. a tad pricey but you can get them



I was 0.




And I'm still a zero.



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I know this is an ancient thread..but I've run out of options. How can I still find the CyberR Rear Lip Spoiler? I tried the HKC link and they just told me it's discontinued. I've sent the japanparts link a contact about it, but haven't heard back. Do you have any knowledge of where one could still be purchased?


5. CyberR Rear lip Spoiler

- Contact http://www.hkc-speed.com

- Contact http://www.japanparts.com

It needs two screws on the end to dovetail it in. Double sided tape won't hold it on.




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