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performance info and more for noobs

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I'm new to this forumn, does anyone have any "links" for 1995 Legacy LSI 2.2l cars or any models similar to this car, for parts such as halos/led projectors, turbo, air-intakes etc.

Love the car just a pain to find things for it.

ANYTHING would be a big help!



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Hi everyone This is Melvin From Fiji with my 96 legacy Rs

i got the car a year ago and have done a complete enegine rebuild (new rings bearings pumps the works!!)

car is running and looking mint and now im diverting my attention to the exhaust and boost gauge side.......

iv tried searching the forums on exhaust but cant seem to find exactly what im looking for...

my question is

1)what exactly can i do to the exhaust system (factory) atm to give it a nice rumble sound without upsetting the twin turbo system?? some are saying to remove cat and resonator,others saying make it free flow others saying dont....so really confused.


2) how to install a boost gauge in a twin turbo system?do i need 2 gauges?and what number hose to tee it from...

cheers guys!

*my Rs is the only piece in the country and parts are not cheap especially since every little item has to be imported. thanks in advance

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Maybe I can say about 1 - Perhaps there is nothing you can do about the lack of rumble from the unbalanced exhaust on regular UEL header, but you could look up the Hogzawst mod, and see if that gives you something like what you're looking for.





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