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Finished my WRX pedal install...


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So I read all about it here in the forums, and since I have an automatic, I had to order the wrx pedals from Japan, but they got here and I put them in without too much problem. The posts in this forum were invaluable. (Donate - I know, I will...)

I just wanted to mention that the brake pedal was not as bad as I have read, maybe the smaller one and the clutch pedal are harder, but I found that you just have to slide it on from the bottom and get one corner of the top over the metal at the same time, and just pull and pull like trying to get a bike tire over the rim, it took about ten minutes, but eventually i reached the other side and it was on! No cutting or gluing or using a small screwdriver like I've read about.


On another note, I noticed some unused grommets when I was down there, just above and to the left of the gas pedal mount. Anyone ever use those for a boost gauge install?

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