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Falken ziex's


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We got a nice amount of snow in NY this weekend and I just happened to have my new falkens on and all I have to say is wow! What a difference from the stockers. So far I give them thumbs up!


I was thinking of going with these as a tire replacement for the RE92s as well. What size did you go with, 215/45/17 or 225/45/17?

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Just be religious about checking their pressures. :) I find that even a few pounds off, and they'll behave totally differently.


[ To illustrate - with just a 2 PSI difference, I can literally spin up all 4 tires on barely-wet roads, from a dead standstill. :) And I'm only at typical "Stage II" power levels. ]


I'm very fond of mine - I run it as a winter "compromise" in 225/45/17 (reinforced) sizing.


They're pretty good in powder and slush, but watch-out when it turns icy. They're not dedicated winter tires, so they will get hard when the temps drop. That, plus their tread pattern, doesn't make them all that great when it gets really slippery with the icy precip. You should fare a little better as you're using the 215s, but still, just remember, they're not made for ice.


In the rain, though, they're superb. Just look at their water drainage channels - they're like freakin' tunnels!


Since I drive like a true pussycat when the white stuff starts to fall, I biased my purchase of these towards wet-weather handling, which we can get plenty of during NE-Ohio's "transition" seasons. Even at supra-legal highway speeds, they'll just plow through standing water like it's not there.


Remember, check pressures regularly! Particularly when you're anticipating a drastic change in temperatures or when you know a pending storm is incoming.

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