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Possible tuning day in North Florida

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JOhn from Jestr Tuning in Orlando is considering coming up for a tuning day here in Jacksonville.


A few guys from the NASIOC board are trying to get him to come up and use the dyno at Stage6 Performance one weekend in the immediate future.


Fomr what I gather, John tunes alot of EVOs but does Scoobies as well. I know a guy who has an STI here in Jax and is very satisifed.


He tunes using enginuity and the cost is $350 for the tune, $125 for the dyno time. I still need to figure out the details but I am looking to see if anyone in No. FL is interested?


He needs a min. of 5 people to travel.


POst here if this interests you and I will get back to you with information as I receive it.



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