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How to Align your headlights! if you don't know now you do.


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I guess I'd have to see them in person sometime.


It just looks like the beam spread is crossing though thats all.


i think it may be the the bulb not sitting correctly in the passenger headlight. Since i think the previous owner broke off part of the seat, where it should have a place for to fit the tab on the HID bulb in, but that part is broken off.


I'll have to see other's headight at the meet this Sat.

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they most likely wont help you aim aftermarket lights but you can always try.


All you need to find is a store with a loading dock. Most loading docks are pretty flat and have flat walls. You can get away with it not being totally flat because you'll be able to see if your beams are alligned straight or not.

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so I decided to just go and do it for you guys to get it over with.


2008 Legacy Headlamps



Sorry for the crappy mspaint edit but I didn't have time to do a nice one.


Here you see both bolts but the horizontal one is covered up by a cover. You can either remove the cover all together or just pry it back and use a phillips screwdriver to adjust it. I personally remove the covers because they are dumb for being there in the first place.



Pry the cover off



and here's what it looks like with all the covers off.


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2005-2007 foglights

So I've been asked how to adjust the foglights so here it is.



Remove the fog lamp cover with your hands or a simple flat head screw driver.




then adjust the screw accordingly for whatever direction you may be off. again you don't want the beam to be above the height of the actual lamp itself so its the same process for aiming headlights but this obviously is a lower height to mark for.



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ok so now i need some help! i just centered my lights. ok try and follow me my lights are at the right levels, and my lights are in postion in the housing.. my passenger side light looks good and and centered and u see the circle that headlights make up close on a wall but the drivers side the light is very dispersed.. the ground in front of the passenger side is nicely lit up and the re is no light on the ground in front of the driver side? you dont see the nice circle the headlight makes on the wall? what could be causing this problem?>
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