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Large Intercoolers, what can fit?

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i've been looking at this intercooler a lot, to put it simple, it's badass.


it's the largest top-mount intercooler made for the ej20, although it's made for the wrx.. do you guys think it will fit under the hood, or would it be so big that the firewall wouldn't let it fit. by the way it's going into a 93





thanks for any help you guys can provide



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I'd say buy the WRX intercooler and mill it down to fit. You can get them for $100 or less, and they're eveywhere, and its pretty damn big. It'll hardly fit under my hood, as it's made for the turbo intake manifold, but you can do it. My other recommendation is get one of those black black WRX intercoolers from a '96 or '97 WRX. They're make to fit the NA manifold better. I can't even imagine using anything bigger than that WRX intercooler though. It's getting tight under my hood....
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