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Visiting San Fran this weekend?


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Hey Guys, this weekend i'm coming up to San Francisco on a company trip and I'm looking for some good touristy places to visit while on this trip. I'm staying at the Sheraton on Fisherman's Wharf, and no rental cars so please make it within 5 miles of my hotel, unless it is so super duper great, then i'll ride the BART to get there.


Thanks Guys!

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Eat at the Waterfront restaurant, Pier 7 (Fisherman's Wharf is Pier 47, you just go down the Embarcadero). The whole Embarcadero is pretty interesting. Bring a windproof jacket, SF has had temperatures below freezing at night and with any wind that gets pretty miserable. There are Muni streetcars that go up and down the Embarcadero and a lot of them are historic cars from other trolley systems.


The Embarcadero has, between Pier 1 and Pier 2, the "Ferry Building" which is foo-foo shopping, but the people-watching can get pretty good there. The Ferry Building is opposite the start of Market St., walk up Market to California and you'll find the real cable cars (but the fare on those is five bucks, last time I checked). Go to Polk and California and eat at Swan's Oyster Depot. Bring an appetite.


You might as well just eat and drink. It's been pretty chilly this week.


Once you're at Ghirardelli Square, you can walk along Bay St. to Marina and along the bay waterfront right to Fort Point, which is not a bad walk either.

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No clue where the Sheraton is, but Ghirardelli's is always a great place to go for a snack (delish chocolate ice cream mmm).


the sheraton is here: 2500 Mason St, San Francisco, CA 94133


corner of N point st and mason st. closer to pier 41 than 47 at least by google maps view....


and that swan's oyster depot is even recommended on Food Network's site.... so i'm def. going to visit that place.


edit: hmmm seems there is a usual long wait time to get in... dunno if i would have time to wait to do that... since this trip is only for 2 days really.... flight in friday afternoon, flight out sunday afternoon.....

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You can take the 38 Geary Bus all the way to the beach on the Pacific Ocean. Get a tide schedule and go when it is low tide. You can check out the old Sutter Bath house and Cliff House. It's fairly cool.


Fort Point is a fair walk but I believe it's possible. It's the old civil war fort underneath the Golden Gate Bridge. Lots of history there.


I used to watch the hang gliders jump off the old WWII gun emplacements at Fort Funston but that is too far from where you are at.

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Here's a good tour/review of the places in the Ferry Building. Don't miss the "next day" link at the bottom of the page.




http://chowhound.com is a good source of restaurant recommendations. It has a San Francisco section, the search function works well, and people will answer your questions.

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take the cable car to the end of the line at powell and market. that'll drop you close to union square. chinatown's just a couple of blocks away.


you can walk to lombard street from where you're staying, although that's more than a few blocks. it's also been pretty cold around here, bring a heavy jacket.

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alcatraz was pretty sweet when i went there for the first time last july.... pier 36??


also that cobble stone road was cool to see... and the lookout tower for that dead guy... and the golden gate... and the fort.... and the bumms.... and of course the bars..:lol:

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i think i got my plan down.


pretty much walk in a clockwise circle starting from my hotel walk along the piers on The Embarcadero, cut to market st, walk thru financial district, hit chinatown, then keep walking to japantown, then back.


this plan will probably change as japantown seems to be a bit out there. with nothing close by. but yea. seems like a good plan? and of course i'll be eating all along the way. getting lil bits of food here and there to sample. :D


i think i'm gonna gain like 5 pounds of seafood weight by the time i come back... hahaa

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I didn't take the Alcatraz trip. I took a different cruise that went past Alcatraz and out under the GG bridge. You have a great view of the city and the tour guide gave a great narrative.


There's also a WWII Victory ship, the SS Jeremiah O'Brien, and a WWII submarine - the USS Pampanito to tour. I toured the Pampanito once when one of the WWII crewmen was there, answering questions. It was great because there was a more-recent Navy submariner there as well who told us some of the details of the various systems onboard.






The engines are really interesting - http://www.maritime.org/tour/taervr.htm

Who Dares Wins


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the pampanito's going to be out of service for awhile.


a WWII submarine - the USS Pampanito to tour. I toured the Pampanito once when one of the WWII crewmen was there, answering questions. It was great because there was a more-recent Navy submariner there as well who told us some of the details of the various systems onboard.

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North point/Mason that's just west of the most touristy part of town Ghirardelli sq. Aquatic park is/Fort mason's a nice place to wander. I'd also suggest Coit tower. If you've got a car I'd drive through presidio and go up to the Marin headlands.

Shopping in union square is more upscale. Haight will have funky yet now commercial feel. Mission has the cheap souvenirs/street vendors.

Ferry terminal's got some nice stores and a little bit of history.

De Young and MoMA are ok museums, not great, but not top tier.

Food... I live in the mission named after the Delores mission so I'm partial to that area. Delfina (18/guerruro) is one of the city's better restaurants and it's not bad price. Taquerias are what the misson's known for. I like Mariachis (16/Valencia), however everyone seems to love Pancho Villa (16/mission). Pizza at Adrenals (16/valencia).

Outside the mission Slanted door (in Ferry building) is good mid-priced place. If you're on an expense account I'd say Boulevard it's my favorite place (and I've been to many of the top places - it pays to be in a foody family).

Unfortunately cab’s aren’t cheap here (I think we’re only 2nd to Honolulu for most pricey cabs in a major metro). Definitely ride a cable car, yea it’s touristy, but its fun and the California line will get to you Market (where you can catch Bart subway or Metro Muni light rail).

Shouldn't be any rain this weekend. Somewhat normal weather, mostly clear low 60s to low 40s.

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Well, if you want to eat where the locals eat, and possibly run into the guys from Metallica. Check out "The World Famous Tommy's Joynt" on Van Ness.


It is truly an San Francisco institution and these reviews say it all,






Looks like a dive, but you won't leave hungry and won't cost you a king's

ransom to feast on LOTS OF MEAT! Something like 100+ beers from around the world.


When I've been away and fly into SFO, I always head to Tommy's Joynt for a bite to eat before I start the 1.5 hour drive north.


Enjoy the trip, sounds like you've got too many options now.




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