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Where to buy Used JDM Bilstein Take Offs?


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Where to buy? What is a fair price? And do they ship to Canada?


Thanks in Advance


Where are you from, assuming somewhere in Canada?


I am from Winnipeg and have some Bilsteins that I may want to part with if I get coil-overs.

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PM Unclemat, he is the guru for JDM suspensions..


I bought a set of JDM GT Bilsteins and springs from him 2 or so weeks ago and getting them installed tomorrow.


Depending on the milage you should expect to pay $700-900..


Talk with him about the different Revs.. From what I have read Rev. C seems to be preferred by most (Rev. A, B and C).



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Dan is out of them, and doesn't know if he'll get more. I tried to buy some off of him the other day. Tokico's are out there for a good price, but they're exceptionally rare and you have to go pretty deep searching (so to speak). :lol:
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To me it just doesnt make sense to pursue a spring and strut combo for the Legacy. Until Koni delivers, you are stuck paying through the nose for Bilsteins or "getting lucking" with Tokico's.


Why not just get a basic coilover like this ($1050)?



The only issue I have with these coilovers are that the only example of a Legacy I've seen using them was far too slammed for my taste. From what I hear though - it is adjustable nearly to stock height if you want it. Check around!



Here is a link to the sale ($950) and comments about ride height. The adjustible range is pretty encouraging. For that price I can't imaging spending on a seperate spring/strut arrangement.


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I had my struts and H Techs installed today (along with JDM front top hats) and I have to say they are almost day and night when comparing them to H Techs and Stock Struts.


Downside is that from what I understand is JDM struts (Bilstein or Tokiko, etc) pretty much require the JDM top hats (because USDM top hats strut stud is shorter) which requires either a JDM specific spring (JDM Pinks, JDM IONS or JDM Swifts, etc) or the front will be about an inch or more taller than the rears. We ended up cutting half a coil from the fronts of the H Techs to even them with the rears.


The ride is very supple with less body roll and squat than with the H Techs and Stockers. I am going to roll with these for a couple of months and then try a pair of JDM IONS or JDM Swifts.


I have had low priced coil overs (H&R) and Bilstein Sport/Eibach Sportline on a GTI and the coil overs needed a rebuild after a year and a half and I Bilsteins were great for 3 years until I sold the car.


I don’t AutoX or track my car and don’t want the car slammed so I don’t really have a need for the coil-overs and I have yet to have ANY problems with Bilsteins that I had on 4 VW's.


Vince at WorldOne has Tein Flex coil-overs on his 05 GT Wagon with 19's and the ride is surprisingly smooth and handles great.

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if they are so good why don't sell them anymore? bosco

who knows. They stopped making them before the majority of us even knew they existed. A few shops (or one anyways) had imported a set for himself when they were only available in Japan. From what I've read, the remaining Japanese stock was shipped over here under a new part number and sold out relatively quickly.

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Yes there is but it is in Japanese (there is a translator on the site that does a decent job) .


From what I have seen many of the sellers will not ship international. You would need a contact in Japan to buy local and ship to you or talk with Unclemat if your looking for Bilsteins... He hooked me up and I am very, very happy..





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