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New LGT Owner :D

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Hi guys :D


I've been lurking here for a while reading up on LGT's, particularly those 05 and up. After finally selling two Hondas, I got a loan and yadaya, got the check today and went up to see a Legacy I had seen online. The list price for the 05 SWP LGT Limited w/ Tan Leather @ 22k miles was a little high, $24,000, so I called and with no effort at all it went to 20.5k. Satisfied, and surprised, to have the price be near what some private party ones are going for on here from a big subaru dealership, I went up today and was highly impressed with the one owner WV car.


Went over it 100%, only a tiny 1.5" long slight scratch on bumper. Clear carfax, drove like a dream. Got home about an hour ago with it - first thing I need to do is take off the dealership name printed on the back! No disrespect but it simply doesn't look good.


Anyhow, hope to contribute to the forums in due time.. very excited to have this car.












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Car looks great! Congrats on the purchase! I've had mine almost 4 months now and love every minute of it. I think I may have even convinced my brother in law to upgrade from his '02 Outback to one (he'd have to have a wagon of course). ;)


And I'm "pro" wing. lol.

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Very very nice. My favorite color (former SWP owner). I miss mine.


And no wing FTL!


I am a pro wing candidate, and I approve this commercial!






P.S. My new one is wingless,and I think I will be adding one soon.

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