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Delaware Sighting


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My Atlantic Blue LGT is in Wilmington everyday......Just racking up the miles since I live near Dover.


Mine, too! Where is yours? Mine's down on the riverfront during work hours and who knows where after that.




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I am usually around Pike Creek and Hockessin.


Do we have interest in a meet of some sort?


We could always include others from nearby.


I also have a brand new Invidia up pipe I am looking to sell. It is sealed in the box. It would be nice to sell it local. I can offer it to you gentlemen before officially posting it for sale.


Let me know what you offer would be. It is typically $145.00 plus shipping.



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What kind of pipe?


I'm definitely interested. Let's here it for the First State crowd.







Here is a link to the up pipe:




Did I see a person from PA agree with the mini meet? Us Delawareans would have to think about including other lesser states in the gathering.



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