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Factory legacy nav

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as listed in my other post in the audio forum, i have a almost complete nav system from a 07 spec b. My question is this, do i need the head unit form the spec b to make this work along with all the harnesses? I currently have the screen, brain, gyro, bezel, mounting hardware, cable that connects brain to screen, sat antenna, and cd's. can a good shop make it work like this or, do i need to get the head unit and harnesses? I am having a hard time with this due to the fact that no-one has done this yet with the non-nav 05 and there is practically no info on the net about it.


i am guessing that if i get the head unit and harnesses, there will only be mild tapping involved to make it work, whereas if i take it to a shop now, there will have to be huge ammounts of work done to make it work.


any help would be great.

anyone have access to a wiring diagram?

pics of how the nav hooks up?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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