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Steel wheels vs. Alloys


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The question was probably asked already, but here it goes again...Getting a new set of winter rubber and trying to decide if alloys are th way to go or if there is no difference with steels. I don't care about the look, but wouldn't mind a set of black ones :icon_mrgr . So, tire rack has no steels to offer in their tire packages. Was directed to Capitaland Subie to check out a set of Nokian's. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. No snow up here yet, but i need to get these stock Re's off for the winter fun!
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I wonder if you can find the appropriate size steel wheels for the car. You want to stick with 17" wheels, so who would make steel wheels?


There are a few 17" steelies out there; I've seen BMW's and Audi's run steelies 17" steelies for winter before. If you can get the steelies at a greatly cheaper price than the cheapest set of alloys you can find, yeah go for it. Or you could pickup a set of used rims here on the forums and go with that; it's up to you.


Winter's not for making the car look pretty anyway :icon_mrgr

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We have snows on most of our company cars. I've been able to pick up rims on eBay for as little as $220 per set of four, plus shipping.


If you go with 16" rims, steels are readily available but alloys are cheaper as well.


I like the "rat rod" look of black steel rims but the alloys are lighter, look better, and are easier to sell.

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