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Taking a Pee: Sit or Stand?


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OK Guys - serious thread here. When under normal circumstances - you have to go pee (at home, your normal toilet bowl), do you stand up and let it fly, or do you sit down and go?


I was discussing this with someone, and when I said I always sit, and he called me a fag :mad: .

My justification is: Any sanitary man should realize how crude it is to send a toxic, smelly, stream of bacteria laden liquid shooting through the air to splash against some more water 3 feet below, and splatter urine and traces of fecal matter all over the rim, seat, bathtub, floor, and in the air. Not to mention the disaster that can happen if it's kinda stuck shut in the middle and pee shoots out both sides and misses the toilet completely! We won't even talk about the after pee drip and shake - and god forbid you have carpet!


So, you see, Hogmeat is at least a little refined.



I'm pleasantly surprised... It was most certainly worth the couple bucks and 10 mins of my time.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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