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planning to sell my spec-b rims..


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just wondering how much i should sell them for..


i curbed 3 of the rims but will have them fixed before i sell them..


not sure how good they'll be after fixing the tho.. curb marks are LONG but they aren't too deep so im hoping the rims will look as good as new.. :p


stock tires have pretty descent amount of tread left.. i have less than 20k on my car and i didnt drive it that hard since im trying to save gas money plus i dont trust my stock suspension too much yet.. LOL.. just a couple launches and that's it..

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Still learning how to parallel park are we:lol: ?
258k miles - Stock engine/minor suspension upgrades/original shocks/rear struts replaced at 222k/4 passenger side wheel bearings/3 clutches/1 radiator/3 turbos
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Where are you locate?



at least your username serves you well :lol:


i've seen several sets of spec b rims go for 800-1000 in good or perfect condition.


without pics its hard to see how bad they are and if you are getting them repaired that also could be a variable pos or neg at this point. so ill just say 600-750


also im pretty sure spec b rims are polished alum while normal lgt are painted alum. if fixing them involves painting them, then that is going to be a neg thing for most. Unless the buyer has plans to paint them anyway.


i would much prefer to have polished alum then a painted rim






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the scratches aren't deep or bad.. u can't notice them unless u look really closely.. they're just kinda long.. like.. 2~3 inches?? i dunno where i got all the curbs from except for one.. hm..


one more question..


if i decide to get regular GT rims for use during winter.. that means i could swap my rims with regular GT rims with some cash on top.. in this case.. how much do u guys think i should ask for.. ??


oh.. and im not sure if ppl care much about tread left in tires but i commit ~100 mi everyday, mostly highways so i think they're pretty new even tho i do have ~20k miles on them.. just something i forgot to mention on my first post..

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where are you located? I am sure many members including myself would trade there stockers + a little cash for the Spec b wheels. not to make this a classified section...but I would definitely be the first in line! Depending on the damage, I would say an extra 150-200 max with LGT stocker trader.
Semper Fi.
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