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Got the Genome Grille Installed...


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I bought it from LegacyMUN2K6 and it was silver... but I had a new bumper put on the rear earlier this week due to a little mishap, and the guys in the shop prepped and painted the grille while they had the paint gun loaded with Black Obsidian Pearl. Nice guys!


Sorry about the "night" pics... I just got it back and I was pumped, so I jacked the ISO to 1600 on the camera and off I went!


Personally I LOVE it. That "chrome mustache" that come on there looked terrible. Reminds me of the "Turtle generation" of Ford Taurus... or maybe a Camery or something. Anyway, I figured I would post a few pics up just 'cause I was so damned excited...




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As far as the six-star emblem... what does everyone think - should I leave it alone, or go with the "L7", body color matched? I have always admired how some of the Chrysler (don't flame me) and the Impala SS logos are very subtle and body color matched. I was thinking that a front and rear "L7" body color matched would really be the way to go... especially considering that every other badge on the car is already gone.




Other options?


PS, thanks for all of the compliments everyone. I dig it too. I couldn't take the chrome mustache any more :icon_mrgr , it looked too "Camery" for me.




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After thinking it over a bit, methinks that I will switch out to a body-colored "L7" for the trunk, and maybe a gunmetal (or if I can find a place to plate it with black chrome) "L7" for the front grille...


I just asked the guy selling the emblems to invoice me for a set of unfinished ones.

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DAMN THIS THREAD... i just ordered one from japanparts.com


nothin like paypal-ing 36k yen to some guys email address...


sorry man....


but it is sooo bloody worth it!! Just look at how bad-azz it looks! 36 THOUSAND yen. Yeeee haaaaaw! That is the spirit!! Enjoy that b@stard!

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I just ordered the grille to does anyone know if it comes with an emblem???



mine did. I plan to change it though, so if yours does not have one for some reason, PM me and we can work something out - but I am 99% sure yours will have one of it's own.

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