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Automatic Transmission Slippage; Legacy GT2006


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I have a 2006 Legacy GT with an automatic transmission. A handful of times, I have accelerated hard AND IT SEEMS as though although the engine has revved right up, there is no similar physical acceleration. The car is nearly a year old, and has just under 8000 miles (my commute is short). Has anyone else experienced this? Is it normal (due to all those friction bands)? Should I wait until it becomes more pronounced (I have 2 years left on the overall warranty)? Needless to say, I'm not anxious to have the dealer slamming down on the accelerator in the parking lot to see if he can reproduce the problem, but if it's indicative of a pending tranmission failure, I'd like to get it fixed!

BTW, I don't really drive the car hard...often!f

(Sorry if you recognize this from another forum...I just found this one)

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That's what the warranty is for:


1. Take it to the dealer

2. Reproduce it while their tech rides along in the passenger seat

3. Then have the tech drive it and reproduce it himself


If it is a problem, then they will investigate and fix it if needed.

I keed I keeed
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