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A+ to Great Scot! Car Stereo in CT


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I recently had Tom (member name #072) Install a security/remote start into my 5MT sedan. (Ungo 6000).


They have 2 shops that i am aware of in CT. Harwitch and North Windam.


Tom is very skilled at with car electronics (as you can see here http://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php?t=48531)


He is very meticulous with his work even explaining step by step what he was doing. When i saw how much stuff was about to go in my car i was skeptical how "hidden" all the wires would be. If you go take a look under my dash you can barely see anything, looks factory.


Also showing me how he uses many saftey featues while installing a remote start into a 5MT, Using the neutral safety wire from the ECU, along with the hand brake.


He even drove from CT to MA to fix a little quirk that was bothing me.




A+ to Tom at Great Scot in CT

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so how much did u pay? theyre like 30 seconds from my house...




they have a store in norwhich too.




Hey Lucas, stop in anytime. I'm always at the store. Always nice to meet other legacy guys.

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BonB hows the security/remote start doing? i think i might consider doing this



doing great. Love the remote start, (bet I'd love it more is it was snowing:icon_bigg)


I scratched up my 2-way pager screen, from leaving my keys in my pocket at work.


other than a few false alarms from me leaning on the remote its awesome.

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