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I need Help


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I wanted to stop hi-jacking other threads with questions. I did search but could find the info I needed.


So far I added:

new wheels and tires

Whiteline F&R adj. swaybars

H-tech springs

I have the superPro LCA fulcrum bushing on the way.


It's not tracked but I might try autoX one day.:) but right now it's for the streets. I don't want the modds to beat me up. Here are my questions.


If I get the Cobb RSB reinforcement bracket will it make the car responed different or will it just keep the rear from breaking? In the AVO RSB bracket review they said the could feel the improvement from the stiffer mount. Anyone installed this.


Last I would like to hear from anyone that have installed the Cusco front and rear lower control brace. Could you please tell me what you think of the braces? How does your car handle now? Is it something you would recomend? I plan on keeping my car for atleast another 3 or 4 yrs. So over those year I think the braces will help keep my car stiff and make my car nore responsive.


thanks for any help

Racer X FMIC for '05-'09 LGTs, '08+ WRX and '10+ LGT,'14+ FXT, and '15+ WRX TMIC Racerxengineering.com
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The best advice i can give you is join one of the local track days...Get a feel for your car and you'll be surprised.


With your current set up, i think you'll be amazed and how well your car handles and how tough it is...


There is a trackevent out @ willowsprings next friday...nothing more fun then getting to learn your car in an controlled enviornment!!


Currently i've got Cusco F&R sways, and Cusco coilovers and the wagon did great....I rode shotgun in and LGT with JDM Bilstiens and S-Techs, and that car felt great also!! (sway, no sure what brand, but yes)

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