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New Wagon LED Taillights!! (not Gialla)


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Those are slick - any leads on where to buy? I'll have my Japanese coworker translate that forum page to see if there's any leads.


Best looking tails I've seen yet for a wagon (not a big market out there for them).


BTW - did anybody notice the Reverse Light on the right side - is there a rear fog with clear (red) LEDs in there??? Perfect spot for one.

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Here's the jist of the story (pseudo translated from my Japanese coworker):


- They will bring demo car at Tokyo Auto Salon.


- They are planning to lease LED taillights for BP type around Tokyo Auto salon. But schedule is not fixed yet. There is a chance to delay in spring.

- K2 will not provide this, but some other company will provide this. Mr.Hirayama of K2 is a producer, he is still in this project.

- Only BP will be available. For other types (BL, BH) development, it depends on how many they can sell for BP types.

From what I can tell they didn't specify the producer of the LEDs, but K2 will feature them on the demo car. "stay tuned" is essentially the message - hopefully they will get released soon.


Anyone have a link to the Gialla LEDs?

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the tailights are big enough.. why hasn't scooby of NA or JDM, or any aftermarket provider designed a light with the rear fog in it.. or a set of running lights and brakelights... like older leggies, the forrester, the imprezza, etc...


all I want is a seperate light fixture for either a rear fog or a set of hideaway strobes....


or put turn signal reverse light and brake light in the housing, and use the housings in the tailgate for the rear fogs, or running lights or anything else.... why oh why.....


rant over

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