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an install anyone with a jigsaw should be able to pull off :)


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just got done with antoher G35...and perhaps my most simple install to date.


1. good sound quality

2. retain spare tire, clean install in trunk to save as much space as possbile

originally, the customer prolly just wanted the amp bolted to the back of the seat, put in the 4080 box, and thats it...but instead, i decided for the same price, i will make it look a little better.

The customer DID NOT need the rear seat pass through due to a baby seat always int he car.

lets get started:

signal starts off at an eclipse AVN5500 double din nav unit, flushed into the double din finisher, note the Eclipse IPOD controller's connector in the upper cubby :)


a pair of DLS ultiamte UP6 two way component make up the front stage, the tweeters are flushed into the factory kick panels, and the mids are sealed in cups in the door, the doors are dampened as well





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moving on to the trunk, a 4080 box housing an elemental designs 11kv.2 10" sub sits on the passenger side, while the amp rack housing a DLS classic CA51 5 channel is upfront, it only takes up about 3" of trunk space, and retains full access to the spare :) raised infiniti logo cover conceals the amp most of the time. the amp is bi amping the front components, and sending about 300 watts to the sub



with the cover off, you can see the exposed internal circuitry of the CA51 behind plexiglass :)



and of course, a pic of the wiring behind the amp rack:


overall it sounds really good acutally for hte budget and install, and wouldnt you agree that it looks better than if just an amp was bolted to the back seat with the wiring exposed? :)

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