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Heated seats stopped working...


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Find a new dealer. My pass heater didn't work when I picked up the car and the dealer fixed it. It was a faulty heating element. Took them over a month to get the part in and fix it but that's besides the point. No dealer will report your mods to SOA unless they can prove it casued the malfunction (which would be pretty hard with a seat heater). Unless of course they are a**holes.
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Legally obliged to do so? Huh? And performance mods causing problems with seat heaters? Double-huh?


Duh. Stage 2 = heat gain in engine bay which fried key components which then short circuited other wires which then fried the heated seat controllers. Luckily the airbags didn't go off. :lol:



Either that or the guy broke them and knows that they can't be warranted.


Or the wires were disconnected underneath the seat.

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