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Steering Question


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New '07 Legacy Limited 1k on the odometer.


Had the car in for service because the steering seemed off. The wheel didn't seem centered and the car tended to drift right. Dealership had the car for the day and determined that the toe was off and corrected the issue. The wheel and the drifting is now fixed.


I've had the car back for a few days and I have a question....


When making a full turn, in previous cars, following the turn, I'd simply let the wheel return to center by letting the wheel slip through my hands until back to 12:00.


I'm noticing that with this car, the wheel does not do that and it only returns part of the way. I'm required to steer the car back to 12:00.


Is this normal? My WRX didn't do this. If not, what could cause this? Should I bring it back again for service?

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With larger wheels, you need to work the wheel back straight. When I replaced my WRX's 16in. wheels to 17in., I noticed the difference. You couldn't just let the wheel go after a turn. Now with 18's, it's eve more apparent. Your car is normal.
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there's probably more caster than the other years.. more caster you have, the less of the tendency that the wheel will want to return to center.


I read here it was the other way around, but it was probably wrong (or I read it wrong). The Perrin/Fulcrum bushings were supposed to increase caster to get the on center return behavior.

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