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LGT project: 96-01 options.


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Ok, So I am currently researching and shopping around for LGT shells for a USDM engine swap I have planned. I'd be selling the 06 Impreza I currently own in order to fund this (I have a back up car).


I'm looking into the 96-01 LGT sedan shells. I have a few questions to ask.


1. Is there a large suspension difference between the 96 and 01 LGT chassis'?

2. If I bought an LSi, is that just an automatic LGT with better Luxury options?

3. If I bought a regular sedan, would I still have the ability to add luxury option (factory plugs, etc.)? I.E. - If it came with cloth, and I wanted Leather heated seats, would there be plug-in spots for the heated leather seats?


4. How much is interchangeable (interior) between the 06 LGT and let's say, a 96 LGT? My goal is to have the digital readout, Leather heated seats, mirrors and some other odds and ends for luxury purposes.


This plan just hit me yesterday morning, and so far (if all goes well, which swaps never do) I'm seeing it to be roughly 8k for a shell, engine, tranny, and engine mounts. The other items would be after the fact add ons. Just getting the car up and running would be most important.


Thanks for any help guys,



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