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Issues with RavSpec quality?

Gator GT

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I'm wondering if anyone, who hasn't posted issues before, has had issues with the quality of RavSpec's replica STi wing for our LGTs?


Shipping method issues? (less than minimal amount of bubble wrap?, rather sad looking boxes?)


Customer service issues? (lack of communication when delays?)


Untimely shipments? (promises certain dates and methods of shipping and ships later with slower methods?)


Paint quality issues? (scratches, dirt, debris, lack of clear coat, possible overspray?)


I have yet to see anyone complain about them, but here I sit with 2, yes 2, examples of rather lackluster quality. the 2nd was to be a replacement for the first. And the 2nd came to me in unacceptable quality as well.


I'm not looking to bash and am looking to see if I'm the only recipient of disappointing products from RavSpec.


Communication with RavSpec (have only dealt with Mark) has only yielded this 2nd let down. Thus my inquiry here.




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Yup. I purchased my spoiler at about the same time that this thread was posted. I had no problems with shipping methods, customer service, or timeliness -- in fact, I was pretty happy in those departments.


Paint quality was another story. To their credit, RavSpec did promptly refunded my paint fee, but now I'm left wondering if the paint shop that they used did some permanent damage to the part (see related thread).


It might be worth noting that RavSpec is no longer offering a painted option on this part, so I'm speculating that this was a common issue.

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